Digital Marketing Expert


I have been in the field of Advertising and Digital Marketing since 2006 and I have been through all the working stages demanded, so as to perfectly realise that there is nothing I like more than being involved in Digital Marketing.

I started by copywriting radio ads and in 2008 I set up my own agency, developing and promoting websites. I had the chance to build up a site using Mambo CMS as well as in the first Joomla version. At the beginning, it was just a one man show; I was responsible for the sales, the website development, the copywriting, the content entry and the promotion. Fortunately for me, as the time went on, I made up my own team and even had enough time to go home! :)

My first touch with Netstudio came in 2009 and it was through Yannis' articles. I distinctly remember the first article that I read through Netstudio's blog titled: "Is it a good idea to display prices on my website?" I had been a Netstudio fan since 2009 and, finally in 2016 I became a proud member of that team!

It was here, in Netstudio, where I understood and realised that I'm not into selling or developing webpages. My passion is to help businesses make more money. The fact that I had been running my own company for 8 years turned me into being totally and deeply interested in risk assessing, recouping and, through right strategics, finding ways in order to achieve profit maximization.