Website Unboxing Regalinas

"Make it slower. We can't keep up with the orders."

Watch how we reconstructed to e-fashion shop of Regalinas.gr and what Tina Birly thinks of our collaboration.

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Apostolis from White Goods

"I believe I've got the best website. I'm spoiled."

Watch the video excerpt from an internal progress discussion, 7 months after the publication of the new White Goods website.

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Evi Luli talks about Netstudio

"Netstudio means a phenomenal collaboration on every level."

Insights from Evi Luli, Marketing Lead at Luli Group, on the Successful Partnership with Netstudio.

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Website Unboxing Forel.gr

"From the first moment we knew this would go well. We were right. this went exceptionally well."

Discover the process behind developing the fashion e-shop Forel.gr and learn what Makis Chatzoulas thinks of our partnership.

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Their support was excellent

We chose to work with Netstudio because they approached our request to redesign the website with a lot of excitement. They didn't try just to make it better, but also helped us keep our costs down. Their honest approach and professionalism have enabled us to significantly improve our online presence. Their support was excellent both in the technical part and in their response times. Very practical and easy to use platform for relevant support requests where we could access all the communication, files, and the progress of the requests. Congratulations to the whole team!

Violeta Xanthouli
Group Marketing Manager
They always give in their services on time

If we suppose that the website of a business is its digital storefront, then Netstudio is one the best-qualified firms in setting up a correct, completely functional digital storefront.

First of all, I’ll say they are an amazing team and, hence an amazing firm - because it’s the people who make a firm what it is.

They are professional in what they do, they have the required knowledge, technical know-how and experience. But most importantly, they understand exactly what the client wants from the very first meeting.

They always give in their services on time and they are alert in case you need something more.

Thank you very much for our up-to-now collaboration!

Catherine Papadatou
Social Media Marketer
They worked really fast

Having set up the website of my personal business several years ago, I recently decided that there was an absolute need of redesigning my corporate identity, in order for my business to stand out of the rivalry and feel more “fresh”.

In the early stages, I was suggested to collaborate with Netstudio for redesigning my firm’s logo and advertising campaign. From the first conversation I had with them, it was clear that they knew their job very well (I have found out from personal experience that this is not always the case, even in equally well-known rivals). They identified my personal needs and the values, on which my business is based, and built their proposal around them.

They worked really fast and I was surprised by the end result; not only by their professionalism, their profound understanding of the industry and the flawless aesthetics they created, but also by how they managed to “read” into my own wants and ambitions without me ever stating them clearly. I believe that is an innate gift, which cannot be acquired just with working experience, and that showcases how talented the people of Netstudio are.

Having collaborated with them, it’s now too difficult to imagine a collaboration with another firm.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Olga Kallergi
He gave us precious advice throughout the task’s duration

A very important task for our business was recently completed with the help of Netstudio. I assume the competitive advantage of Netstudio is the opportunity it offers to its clients to have their web design done by acclaimed partners, such as mr. Penlidis, as well as the possibility of finishing their job within the time schedule, without significant bugs.

The latter, however simple and obvious it may sound, isn’t always the case. All the members of the Netstudio team, which had undertaken this particular task, were always available and offered solutions, paying attention to every detail.

Lastly, mr. Karampelas’ (CEO & Founder of Netstudio) contribution was also very important - he gave us precious advice throughout the task’s duration. I suggest you ask for his opinion about what you are planning to do. I definitely recommend Netstudio!

Nick Giannopolitis
just as we had thought of it (or even better)

Impeccable collaboration between the Greek Pastry School and Netstudio. The communication with Netstudio was always very good, which made our website just as we had thought of it (or even better), while respecting time schedules and deadlines.

Despoina Louli
Head of marketing
They’ve all been amazing, kind, eager and have profound knowledge of their subjects

Dear mr. Yannis Karampelas,

On behalf of my business and our staff, I want to thank you deeply for our impeccable collaboration with Netstudio and for adjusting our website to have a Greek and an English version.

Our collaboration with all the members of your staff (George Mastrokolias, Antonis Ratsos, Aggeliki Karantza) was perfect. They’ve all been amazing, kind, eager and have profound knowledge of their subjects. It really is rare to find such business collaborators.

I also thank you personally, you deserve a bravo for your help at all stages of our communication. For sure, it goes without saying that we’ll recommend you to other customers.


Kostas Anthopoulos
Constructing websites with Netstudio has now become our hobby

Before visiting Netstudio with my brother, we already had a website for our medicinal beauty center ananeosis.gr. However, we had to redesign it, since it was quickly-made, so we were looking for someone to give us solutions based on our needs. My brother found Netstudio on the Internet and arranged a meeting. What we liked and made us seal the deal was, of course, Yannis Karampelas. The prices we heard were too high based on our individual circumstances, but we decided to go on, since Yannis’ presentation was very convincing.

When we met the rest of the team’s members and witnessed the way you work in Netstudio, we understood why the financial offer for website construction was higher than many others’ - because, to put it simply, you are professionals in every aspect! To cut the long story short, we ended up constructing 3 online stores and 3 different websites with Netstudio!! Constructing websites with Netstudio has now become our hobby.

The result is astonishing. Kostas, your custom design is out of this world. Antonis, your ideas on corporate identity left us speechless. George Mastro you’re top. Nikos Charalampidis, our communication was amazing. Yannis congratulations for your team.

N. & F. Papadopoulos
they worked hard, with incredible punctuality and professionalism, at a really fast pace

My love for kids and my passion for my job urged me to create Aeiferein 4 years ago. The philosophy of our actions is to provide kids with life skills and knowledge, which we, adults, may take for granted, but is unfamiliar and new to them.Only as time went by, did I realize how difficult it was for this idea, this vision to be depicted on a design and conveyed as information, even by experts in the field.

Our search to enrich our website through new code snippets and graphic designs, after lots of frustration and cancellations, led us to Netstudio. We had our first meeting just 10 days before Aeiferein opened its doors to kids for a large celebration in our new space. Personally, I didn’t believe it was feasible for our website to be ready by the grand opening.

Fortunately, though, Dimitris Skourlis believed in it and made it come true. He was the first person I met in Netstudio, I talked to him and he undertook this project with clear excitement, which he also transmitted to his partners. He created our own small team based on our special needs - partners with expertise necessary for rebuilding our corporate identity, developing and promoting our actions on the web.

Christina came up with our new logo with strong symbolism and was in charge of the artistic representation of our firm. Aggeliki undertook, designed, organized and promoted the advertising campaign of the event with noticeable interest up until the end. Dimitris used his knowledge and never-ending ideas to turn our actions into a picture and clear written speech full of information.

All together, they worked hard, with incredible punctuality and professionalism, at a really fast pace and managed to create a surprisingly high-quality result, completely in accordance with our philosophy. Our online presence could now become a dynamic, modern tool, which would contribute definitively towards our new beginning and beyond every expectation.

So, I’d like to thank my collaborators in Netstudio, Yannis Karampelas for the existence of Netstudio, Christina for her perfect logo and artistic diligence, Aggeliki for organizing and promoting our campaign and Dimitris, to whom I owe the high quality of everything. He deserves to say that what appears, eventually, as Aeiferein is his, as much as it is mine!

Katia Papakonstantinou
It offered international prestige to my business and added to my clients list firms from abroad

11 years ago, I was searching for a website constructions partner. I had no idea about advertising campaigns, adwords etc. I didn’t even know that such services existed and how important they were.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Netstudio and Yannis Karampelas. In a few words, they changed my life!

They created a website for me, they started running a campaign and introduced me to clients I’m honoured to still work with today. Clients I hadn’t even thought that I could acquire.

Ever since, both Netstudio and my business have grown. Netstudio undertook the creation of our new corporate identity in 2014 and the redesigned website bizcourier.eu in 2015. It offered international prestige to my business and added to my clients list firms from abroad.

The choices of Netstudio, regarding its collaborators are exceptional. It is comprised by young and punctual employees that know their job in depth. George Chatziioannou, Christina Iliopoulou and Aggeliki Karatza are perfect examples of Netstudio’s Dream Team!

Lastly, words mean nothing when it comes to the head of the business, Yannis Karampelas. An insightful and sincere professional, who is truly interested in his clients’ affairs and comprehends their needs better than anyone else.

I want to thank Netstudio for everything we accomplished together up to this point and what we are bound to accomplish in the future!

Paul Karavournalis
Contact and orders from customers started arriving ever since the first week

After our collaboration with Netstudio, we couldn’t be anything but happy. The quality of their work, their constant interest and immediate response to any of our needs really made a difference.

It’s been our great pleasure to have been the first to get access to the administration and editing of the landing page. Contact and orders from customers started arriving ever since the first week. Two months later, the conversion rate is still increasing.

We give you...thumbs up!!!!

Keep up at the same pace, with the same approach.

Aggeliki, Yannis, George, Babis & George thanks for all!!

Lea Damigou
immediate response, quick service provision, kindness and passion for work

I witnessed Netstudio’s work quality indirectly, through one of their projects' results.

There are many things I can say about their team, such as immediate response, quick service provision, kindness and passion for work. Oftentimes, I wrote to them at night about changes I wanted on the site and I received replies from Harry, who wasn’t sure if he should write goodmorning or good night :D

But this is exactly what makes this team different; it’s the fact that they understand one’s needs and adjust their proposals accordingly. I knew, from the beginning, that what I was asking for was more than an announcement or a description of my business on a website. I felt very strongly the difficulty behind what I had in mind. Being emotional as a person, I needed a website setup that would express this individuality.

I’ll give them top marks!!!!!! ...and I’ll definitely continue working with them.

Kyveli Papaioannou
Nomatter what the problem is, they’ve got a solution

To begin with, Yannis, congratulations for your team.

Both George and Stavros, Christina as well, have shown that they truly are interested in their jobs and your business. Nomatter what the problem is, they’ve got a solution.

I made the best possible choice coming to you and I mean it, since I’m a quite weird and demanding person. We’ve received congratulations by people in the field for our website’s design. Order placements have increased!

Andrew Papadimitriou
Our collaboration was perfect

Our collaboration was perfect, with immediate and easy communication, useful advice and quick processing of our requests.

Thank you for our collaboration up to date.

George Tyros
I feel absolutely rewarded for collaborating with Netstudio

A year and a half ago, after constant frustrating collaborations with businesses in the field of website development and promotion, I started looking for a new business partner. Being more determined about the aim and content of my website and with the experience I had gained from my past mistakes, as a guide, I ended up approaching Netstudio.

From the very first meeting, it became clear that, not only did they understand my needs completely, but also their suggestions were on point.

During the website construction process, everything ran smoothly and orderly. More specifically, communication with the team was fast and friendly, the task breakdown was evident, the coordination was excellent and the time schedule was followed as promised. All issues were resolved very quickly, thanks to the guys in the development team, who did their very best.

The end result is a modern, aesthetically pleasing, functional, well-structured and friendly website. I feel absolutely rewarded for collaborating with Netstudio.

I truly thank you all!!

Chrysanthos Anagnostopoulos
I feel blessed and lucky to have chosen Netstudio

Having learned a lot from past mistakes and using experience as a guide, I started looking for a new business partner for the 5th version of my website, print-photos-online.com. I was aware of the flaws in its last version and my primary goal was to fix exactly these. I needed a website that would be friendly to search engines and Internet users.

I searched online for web development businesses and keywords, such as “SEO”, “website construction” etc., I was particularly impressed by Netstudio’s website appearing first among organic results.

“Since they can make themselves appear on top, they must be very good at their job and they’ll be able to do the same for their clients”, I thought. From our first meeting, I was persuaded about Netstudio’s capabilities and way of thinking. In Netstudio, they identified my needs immediately and created a special offer that left me anything but indifferent.

Besides the obvious features that are mandatory for a website nowadays (platform friendly to search engines, responsive and modern design), the way the website worked was exactly as I had imagined it.

The new website has been live since the beginning of the new year. Although this is a very short time, the users coming directly from search engines have doubled, compared to the previous version of my website! My website appears first among organic results almost all the time, no matter what keyword is triggered!

But that’s not the end of it; the website structure is correct and the steps required to complete a purchase are very few! Everything can be done in 3 steps! The whole process is so easy and quick that visitors are checking out without realizing it. As a result, the percentage of visitors, who actually complete a purchase, has more than doubled.

I feel blessed and lucky to have chosen Netstudio. Its people are the collaborators I was looking for. After all, we’re now discussing the development of another website, which proves how much I trust them…

John Kousaitis
The only negative thing I can think of is that we started our collaboration too late.

Our business is a cafe that’s been providing catering services for the past 10 years. Last year, we decided to expand our reach, which caused a need for new business partners.

The search for the ideal collaborator has been and still is a very time-consuming and costly process. That’s why we contacted the 3 most reliable and prestigious web development firms.

What made us contact in person with Yannis Karampelas from Nestudio was his presentations, which we found online. In the beginning of our meeting, we were rather cautious and reserved, but his ideas and ordered approach made us trust him. Soon after, we decided to collaborate with them.

Six months into our collaboration, I can reassure you that Netstudio is one of the most profitable partners for us. Netstudio helped us turn our online store into our most valuable selling point. The only negative thing I can think of is that we started our collaboration too late.

Special thanks to Dimitris Pagkratis, who patiently helped us all this time, coming up with solutions to every single difficulty we faced.

Kimon Papanagiotou
Netstudio’s people really know their job and everything about IT services

I decided to upgrade my website some time ago. Having no programming knowledge, I searched Google and discovered Netstudio. I realized I was talking to professionals, from our very first contact. Their team is defined by kindness and punctuality, among many others, which is very hard to find nowadays.

When I arranged a meeting with the development team’s rep, Mike, and went to their office, I noticed that their working space was equally good as Google’s offices.

The most important thing is that they didn’t merely fix the issues of my webpage, as we initially agreed; they made it faster too.

Netstudio’s people really know their job and everything about IT services. I would undoubtedly recommend Netstudio, even to my most demanding clients. I want to truly thank everyone who worked on my project and especially Yannis, the CEO and founder.

Once again, bravo and congratulations.

Dimitris Jankatian
They brought such incredible results, that made it possible for us to hire extra personnel

Now that our project has officially come to an end, I would like to thank and congratulate your entire team for the truly exceptional collaboration! Our renewed website is very high-quality and exceeded all our expectations.

Glancing back to our project as a whole (I’ll try not to unleash all my excitement), I’d like to add the following:

Our collaboration with Netstudio was out of this world!

They respond super fast to every single question you may have, which is surprisingly at first and requires some time for you to get used to it… especially if you have previous experience with similar firms.

Our first contact with Netstudio came about when they undertook our AdWords Campaigns management - they managed to double the campaign’s performance within the same budget! They brought such incredible results, that made it possible for us to hire extra personnel. After getting to know the high-quality work of Netstudio, we decided to radically change our website and redesign it from scratch. The project management and completion was exemplary, while the end result impressed us in a positive way.

Netstudio is the business partner every entrepreneur, wanting to go online, would love to have. They offer immediate solutions to any problem you may have and can effectively undertake… anything really. Thank you for the collaboration. We have no words left to say!

Lefteris Tsakos
they offer both high-quality work and punctuality

We discovered Netstudio in 2010 during a presentation given by Yannis in an e-commerce conference. We had just decided to dive into this new market and we were looking for business partners. We liked Yannis because he was always on point and demonstrated results, not just good ideas.

We started our collaboration with Netstudio right after that conference. They have built for us 3 online stores and they’ve always worked perfectly. It’s really important not having to “push” your partners to catch up with you.

The most important thing, however, is the fact that the people in Netstudio care genuinely for what they do and the result of it. They don’t have a “Let’s make a website and we’re done” mindset. They’re on your side throughout, worrying as much as you do, always coming up with new ideas to help you achieve your goals. They also do it without you asking for it, which is even more impressive. It feels like they really are your collaborators.

This is now our 3rd year of non-stop collaboration. We are very demanding of our business partners and we want punctuality, time schedules that are followed, as they should. We like Netstudio, because they offer both high-quality work and punctuality.

Well done, guys! Keep up the good work with the same excitement!

Dionisis Zivas
CEO WeLoveToys, WeLoveBabies, WeLoveSupermarket
In your business you go beyond the limits to present something unique and special

Back when I was setting up my own project, I started looking for a good business to make me a website. I searched the web to get a general idea of my potential options and I found your website in the organic results. Your website made me think that you must have known web development well enough. However, before making important, strategic decisions, I always try to get recommendations from people I trust. So, I started a conversation with Phivos Karzis and asked him if he knew any good website construction firm.

That was it. He told me lots of good things about you and he was so sure he was right that persuaded me to book a meeting with you. From the very first moment, through our conversation and your vibes, I felt like I found what I was looking for. It was immediately made clear that you know a lot about your subject, you love and care for what you do and that I could maintain a steady long-run collaborative relationship with you. Also, I understood there was going to be support, on your behalf, even after the completion of my website. This was a significant factor for my decision, as well. You said you were going to be next to me to resolve any issue that might arise.

As time went by and you were progressing on my website, I realized that Netstudio is made up by a team, which knows exactly what to do. Our interactions were clear and our collaboration as I would have wanted it. This made me worry if I was equally punctual and useful towards you. It’s normal for a person with conscience to feel this way, when being treated perfectly by a person like you. At some point, I realized that you were going to be my most loyal business partner, helping me with honesty whenever I tried to venture into the online world.

Now, if I ever want to make a new website, I’m definitely coming to you. If I don’t have enough money available, again, I’ll wait and come to you when I get it. One thing’s for sure. I’m not going anywhere else! In your business you go beyond the limits to present something unique and special. So will our relationships be from now on...special!

Paraskevas Savouris
General Director
the whole team worked at an incredible pace

I met mr. Karampelas in 2011, when we decided to upgrade our website. He comprehended our needs immediately and was very eager to undertake our project, despite the high complexity of it. What really impressed me is how he never said “That’s impossible”, a phrase I really hate. He always came up with ideas and advice to get the best possible result, instead. This proved he is a knowledgeable man with lots of experience.

Since we made a deal and I told him to go on, his whole team worked at an incredible pace. In spite of the issues he was asked to fix in the process, he never lost his willingness and always did much more than we could have predicted.

2 years after our initial collaboration, their services have only become faster, while maintaining their high quality.

Finally, I need to thank them a lot and in public for all they have been doing for me and my business on a daily basis. Netstudio is surely the first business that comes to my mind when someone says: “I’d like to make a website, who would you recommend?”.

Thanasis Lykoudis
“difficult” means “easy”, “later” means “today”, “I’ll look it up” means “I know about this”

When you get to pay external collaborators to help you with your business, you are always afraid that part of what they promise may never happen, for various reasons that arise in the process. All this changes once you go to Netstudio.

In this difficult day and age, when no one ever accepts the blame, it is an advantage to find collaborators, who know their job well. Even more when these collaborators become friends.

For Yannis and George, “difficult” means “easy”, “later” means “today”, “I’ll look it up” means “I know about this” and “would that be possible?” means “sure”. Your to-do list is already done. What a miracle!

You do your job exceptionally well. Thank you for your precious collaboration.

Jim Peristeris
you are always eager and provide solutions

While I’ve been collaborating with Netstudio, I noticed that you are always eager and provide solutions to increase the efficiency of our website. Yannis Karampelas is not deemed by demands for constant advancement.

Thanos Paraschos
Good work, reasonable charges, tangible results, always by our side

Our first entrepreneurial venture into the digital business world was… a failure. We trusted a firm to build our online store, which did build us an online store. Nevertheless, as any entrepreneur will know, that’s not enough, unless customers visit your online store. And shop.

Having spent over 5 months and thousands of euros trying to attract customers to our online store -the firm who made it claimed everything was done right on their behalf- we decided to leave it aside and start from scratch.

This time, a friend recommended to us Netstudio. The people behind Netstudio are friendly, supportive and respect the clients, the time and the money they invest. They are sincere. They don’t try to fool their customers and present to them only the good things of a difficult situation. But most importantly, they are actually capable of doing what they promise. They know far beyond the technical details behind constructing an online store; they know the details that will make a difference and bring customers into the online store.

Not only did they build a completely functional online store, which people visited and bought from right away, but they also undertook its online promotion. Given that our website’s content is very specific, we were cautious at first. Similar attempts in the past had failed. Eventually, their online advertising turned out to be the most effective form of promotion we had invested in.

We, now, recommend Netstudio to all our friends and people we know. They can definitely trust Netstudio to construct and promote their online store or website. Efficient work, normal pricing, tangible results, always by our side. That’s what Netstudio means to us!

Good work, reasonable charges, tangible results, always by our side: this is Netstudio for us.

Aristotle Vaios
extremely skillful, informed and knowledgeable team

"Working with Netstudio has not been a simple exchange of services but has translated itself into a phenomenal partnership. With such an extremely skillful, informed and knowledgeable team one can expect nothing less than exceptional results. Timely in delivery, trustworthy, true to their commitments, communicative and up to date in anything that needs to be known in the ever-changing world of technology, I felt that Netstudio embodied my vision and helped optimize the final product in the best possible way. I highly recommend them with no reservation."

Kristina Tremonti
He is frank and not afraid to tell you what he thinks of your idea

If the truth scares you, do NOT collaborate with Yannis! He is frank and not afraid to tell you what he thinks of your idea or your attempt to break into the digital market. Isn’t this what we should all be looking for? Personally, that’s what I wanted and still want; business partners who don’t treat me like a bucket full of money, which they must empty.

No matter what you decide to do, in the end, he’ll give you double than what you agreed upon! And that’s because he loves his job so much, that money is not a priority for him. Be sure that he’ll fall in love with your project as much as you will and he’ll try to make it succeed as if it were his own business venture.

He has assembled an amazing team of programmers and graphic designers, who are able to make the most strange and innovative projects come true! Just like our own publees.com…

After our collaboration, I can say that Yannis is not a business partner anymore...he is a friend!

Manos Karkonis
Netstudio’s client service is on a level of its own

The fact that one starts building an online store of his business and ends up working with Netstudio, without considering others’ offers, is a significant sign.

Netstudio provides amazing design, creativity and problem solving skills, professionalism, profound knowledge of the field and phenomenal responsiveness. Their continuous support exceeds any expectations.

It’s very rare for me to collaborate with a firm and be so satisfied. Netstudio’s client service is on a level of its own.

Jim Avdelopoulos
Netstudio always sets the bar higher and higher

Nowadays, it’s very hard to find reliable and capable collaborators, eager to satisfy each firm’s specific needs. Though, we were lucky enough. In Netstudio, we met Yannis Karampelas and intelligent, trustworthy people, who love to work.

Thank you for the punctuality and professional approach you demonstrated throughout our collaboration, as well as for the high quality of your work. But, above all, thank you for the solutions - suggestions you offered to us, in order to promote our products and services. Netstudio always sets the bar higher and higher!

Paschalis Kazakopoulos
Angels House University
I feel blessed to have collaborated with you

I can’t find the right words to express my gratitude towards your business. I feel blessed to have collaborated with you, after going through a negative experience with another firm, which lasted 10 months and cost me lots of money. Yannis has been an exemplary professional, always there to listen to my questions, leaving me speechless with his knowledge and innovative ideas, which he also used on my website. He is the only person I trust when it comes to the web. I will recommend him to all my friends. I just hope he doesn’t get discovered by my competitors.

Thanasis Gazetas
The heroic website you made for me is working 100% well

The heroic website you made for me is working 100% well and keeps attracting customers, although I’ve neglected it lately due to a large workload. Just imagine that it generates 5 times as many leads as my second best advertising tool.

Paul Anastasiadis
Netstudio, its technical know-how, experience, hierarchy and excellent communicative skills

In 2009, I lost my job as a journalist. What can a journalist do, when he’s been deprived of what he needs most, a chance to address his audience on a daily basis? At that moment, a critical idea came to my mind: I should find a way to talk to all those people that had been listening to me up until yesterday. I decided to make a website. But how could I invest in one, when I had just been fired? The only positive thing during those dark times was meeting the people of Netstudio.

Netstudio stood by me and some of my former colleagues, giving us the opportunity to create a website in a very short time - a very professional website, to which our audience responded actively, even though it was summer. Freecity.gr managed to survive in a very competitive market, during harsh conditions, mostly because of its design, which was exactly what we asked for. All this has happened thanks to Netstudio, its technical know-how, experience, hierarchy and excellent communicative skills.

Phivos Karzis
everything we agreed upon and even more

Netstudio is the only business we’ve collaborated with that realized everything we agreed upon and even more. It is comprised of loving and knowledgeable people, who care for the customers and work with professionalism. They deserve congratulations. Yannis, thank you!

Theodoros Ellinikakis
paid off in less than 2 months

The websites Netstudio created for my business paid off in less than 2 months. Netstudio is now our first choice, when it comes to online promotion. I definitely recommend it and hope my competitors don’t discover it.

Alexandros Seintanis
You’ve been excellent professionals, direct and effective

At this point, I’d like to thank Netstudio as a whole for our IMPECCABLE collaboration. You’ve been excellent professionals, direct and effective in whatever we’ve asked from you. I think you strive to be “precious collaborators”, a phrase which is often misunderstood, nowadays. Thank you all on behalf of the ATS Group.

K. Mousas
ATS Group
He demonstrated the exact same care and passion that defined our work at the institute

Our institute has grown into its own distinct entity in the digital world thanks to Yannis Karampelas! The moment we agreed to collaborate, Yannis came to our space, talked to us and felt the ambition - worry that we carried about creating an astonishing webpage. He demonstrated the exact same care and passion that defined our work at the institute, presenting to us an amazing job.

If you don’t believe it, visit us! NOT in our physical buildings; visit aristevein.edu.gr because… it’s the exact same! I definitely recommend Netstudio!

X. Komninakidis
I definitely recommend Netstudio, with excitement and faith in his abilities

When I decided that I cannot “disappear” just like dinosaurs, who couldn’t adjust to the ever-changing circumstances they live in, I realized I had to embrace the “digital world”. After all, there are lots of things I do in this world! That’s when I met Yannis, a Great Teacher! A Patient Teacher!

He helped me understand what I needed to do and how to set up my presence on the Internet! Step by step, with a lot of passion and deep knowledge on the subject, Yannis and his team gave me access to the new digital world, opening right before us with numerous opportunities for profit! I definitely recommend Netstudio, with excitement and faith in his abilities. Though, I must say I’ve already noticed a significant increase of my entrepreneurial activity

Alexandros Mordo
CEO & Director of Alico, Glyfada
the "gurus" in web design

If you are looking for the "gurus" in web design, Netstudio is the solution. They've got deep knowledge in web design, they are great programmers and definitely problem solvers.

Leonidas Plomaritis
congratulated for it by our international business partners

A few months ago, we started looking for a web design firm to help us with creating a website. Netstudio responded to our request quickly and in such a way that we thought we had found the most suitable people to construct a website, based on our needs. Netstudio made sure we were left satisfied. They created a truly amazing website, which our visitors like a lot. We were, also, congratulated for it by our international business partners.

Konstantinos Malliakas
he delivered my online store incredibly fast

After profound thinking and worrying about whether I should delve into the digital world and start running an online store, I concluded that, if you don’t have someone like Yannis, things can get very difficult and stop you from finishing your attempt. Yannis helped me and advised me, regarding what I should do to enjoy the success I was looking for, and keeps offering me his help whenever I ask for it.

Concerning his job, there’s not much I can say. Netstudio’s websites speak of their own. Still, I must emphasize that he delivered my online store incredibly fast, which is very important for professionals like me. Thanks Yannis.

George Karatzas
I dare to say he is perfect in his job

I’ve been working in the commerce sector since the 90’s and I have collaborated with several businesses. Yannis Karampelas earned my trust from our first contact and, thus, we chose his firm, Netstudio, to upgrade our website. I dare to say he is perfect in his job and responds to whatever issue may arise with professional conscience.

John Robotis
a website exactly as I had imagined it

After thorough search on website-making firms, my contact with Netstudio and Yannis Karampelas, in particular, was defining. I found in him a person who understood immediately what I was asking for and set up a website exactly as I had imagined it. Thanks a lot for the numerous, clever ideas and the perfect collaboration.

Thanasis Mallis
I recommend Netstudio to all my friends and people I know

After careful and meticulous consideration of the ideal firm to construct my website and realize my idea, I selected and trusted Netstudio. I never regretted doing so, not even for a moment! Netstudio managed to cover and exceed my expectations. It has been a collaborator you can trust whenever you are in need. Netstudio was by my side even on non-working days and hours. My respect towards its professionalism, services and quality of work is evident in the fact that I recommend Netstudio to all my friends and people I know, who may be interested in similar services.

Vasilis Michael
I am completely satisfied with our collaboration

The truth is that I am completely satisfied with our collaboration. I was impressed by their immediate response, as well as from their willingness. It is really important. It's not just the work that must be done, but also the feeling that you share with your client-partner. Both were excellent so far."

Ergina Orfanou
In just 2 weeks, my Google Ads spend has decreased

Good evening Yannis,

I want to thank you and your team for our collaboration.

In just 2 weeks, my Google Ads spend has decreased and I have transactions from the e-commerce store.

I keep in touch with George to give me valuable tips and tricks! I'm pretty sure that our revenue will increase soon."

Spyros Papadatos
I am totally satisfied by Netstudio’s services and the team

"My first contact with Netstudio was when I searched Google about e-commerce store building. The next thing I did was contacting them. Savvas was the first person I talked to. Then, an excellent collaboration began.

I am totally satisfied by Netstudio’s services and the team. They are now valuable partners for me. I only regret not having followed some of their advice!"

Odysseas Paisios
The results were beyond my expectations

"I would like to thank Netstudio for the excellent collaboration and work.

I heard of Netstudio from some friends. They called it one of the best companies in Greece! I considered proposals from other companies too, but I concluded that Netstudio was indeed the best. The entire team inspired confidence in me. They had a zest for work!

The results were beyond my expectations, the collaboration was excellent and the whole team worked really hard.

Special thanks to Stelios, Aris, Yannis and of course Dimitris! Keep up the great job!"

Dimos Georganas
he redesign of the site was risky but choosing Netstudio left us absolutely satisfied

When we decided to rebuild our website ofarmakopoiosmou.gr and change our support agency, we had set some goals - requests:

  • Rebuild the website in an open source platform.
  • Easy-to-use admin.
  • Faster website.
  • Flexible and smart search.
  • Immediate and effective support.
  • Design and technology update.
  • Flexibility and quick implementation.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Perfect communication.
  • Mobile friendly website.

Netstudio seemed to consist of a well organized and bonded team. They were people with knowledge, experience, and love for what they do. Their approach was nice, while their vision and mindset reminded us of our own. Hence, we decided to go for them.

The redesign of the site was risky but choosing Netstudio left us absolutely satisfied. The project was a success! We got a website just as described. Its design is very good, modern, clean and preserves our company's identity.The loading speed is fast and the search system is one of our assets. We are, also, very pleased with the responsiveness of the website..

We should also mention that Netstudio implemented a lot of marketing tools, free of charge. The support we received from the team was excellent and we never felt exposed. The technical team was always by our side.

Another very important thing for us was to have a useful admin system which would cover all our needs. Netstudio hit that mark too.

We would recommend Netstudio both for their work and ethics. Mr. Kampelas and his team share the same values and you can definitely trust to work with them"

Gerasimos Triantafillas and Katerina Karantonis
the free-of-charge info you offer is really important

Good Evening Yannis,

First of all, forgive my boldness, but I have been following you and Netstudio for years. Watching your videos and reading your blog, I feel like I know you and I am a friend of yours.

Our first approach was in 2011 when I started designing my first website. Unfortunately, I made all the mistakes you mention in your video. I was trying to go cheap, but I ended up wasting my money. I don't even want to recall the problems I faced.

I want to say that our acquaintanceship and what I have learned from you, was my first touch with the digital world. It’s what helped me learn more about online marketing and understand human behavior in the online business.

This knowledge, along with many difficulties, protected me from future mistakes. Even more, it helped me at my job. I want to thank you and tell you that the free-of-charge info you offer is really important!

I know that you will read this message, so thank you!

Warm Regards,


I am already planning my next project. I will contact you for a quote and for your precious point of view.


You can publish this email. If someone reads it and learns from my mistakes, it will be perfect.

Aristotelis Mandalis
we were impressed by the eagerness, the interest, the knowledge and the professionalism

Two years ago, we decided to redesign our website. We wanted a modern design in order to promote our services more effectively. At the same time, we wanted to build an e-commerce store on the same site. We put all our trust in Savvas and chose to proceed with Netstudio. They were very confident that our project would be a success. The aesthetic result is exactly what we had asked Konstantinos for. The site has been live for over a year now and we can say that Savvas' promises were 100% realistic.

Apart from the numbers -which are not always accurate- we were impressed by the eagerness, the interest, the knowledge and the professionalism of the development and support team. The initial team was Mike, Konstantina, Maria and Stelios. During the process, more people got involved, to take care of our site, and solved all our problems even during non-working hours! For us, this was the most important part of our collaboration. We felt that whatever we may ask would be processed the soonest possible. We shouldn't forget the marketing team, though; George, Mina, and Peny who have always been by our side, with patience, giving us advice and suggestions. The collaboration with this team has been perfect too.

Alexandros Manousakis

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