Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What does SEO mean?

Search engine optimization or SEO, as it is commonly called, refers to the actions that make a website or an online store rank higher in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.).

At Netstudio, we know that SEO is something that concerns website owners and especially Google search engine, as it is the most popular.

We also know that SEO has evolved into an industry where "SEO experts" take advantage of the ignorance, and even the ignorance of risk that prevails in the field of site owners.

Unfortunately, many "seo-experts" in order to gain customers promise easy, fast, magical solutions, but in fact, in recent years, they have proven to be useless and dangerous.

How does Netstudio approach SEO?

Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Google wants to bring up good sites. If it does not bring up those sites, then users will stop using it and will turn elsewhere.

So instead of trying to trick Google into using techniques and tricks to make them think we have a good site worth getting at the top of results, we focus on creating an excellent website that will convince Google and other search engines to get it high. This is also what Google itself suggests.

Google gives clear instructions on what a "good site" means. It also offers clear instructions on what actions are considered Black Hat SEO, ie, actions that are not intended to actually improve the quality of the website but to bypass Google's quality control algorithms.

By taking Black Hat SEO actions, we risk being "punished" by Google with "penalty," ie, with a negative rating for our site, which can not only degrade it but also remove it from search engines strong>.

Unfortunately, the SEO actions that fall under the ban are what most SEO experts do, resulting in short-term performance until they are caught by the next Google algorithm. Having been in this market for 18 years, we have experienced the evolution of this mechanism. Many companies live from the ignorance of danger that prevails in the field, offering essentially two services: "seo" and "unseo." Where "unseo" means the service, "I will correct the SEO mistakes made by your previous partner".

SEO actions for long-term results

At Netstudio we chose to make our customers' sites really better. So much better, that not only will they go high in search engines, but they will also have happy users who will become customers.

We have developed and rely on the SEO tools that lead to this result.

This road is more time consuming and hard and requires extra work on the part of the website owner, as it involves upgrading the business as a whole. But it does lead to multiple benefits, not just SEO.

It is summarized in the three action bundles below:

  • Total technical check on the website for any technical errors that do not allow Google robots and other search engines to read the site (SEO Audit).
  • Check for any non-quality, original content and advice or correction from our own content editors.
  • Strategy for continuous upgrading of the website's quality and in particular its speed, user-friendliness and targeting.

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