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High-performance hosting means hosting that levels you up on search engine results and increases conversion rates.

Hosting your website is critical for ranking performance on search engines, how fast it loads, and how secure it is.

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Entrust your website's hosting and the smooth operation of your business to the company that hosts online stores that receive more than 2000 orders per day.

Speed matters

The loading speed of your website is a big factor of your success.

A fast website helps you succeed because:

  • Increases user satisfaction. Users either on desktop, tablet or mobile are impatient. If your website is slow, they will move to your competitor's website or will choose to phone or visit a physical store.
  • Increases conversion rates, that means more sales or leads with the same amount of visits.
  • Helps the website rank better on Google, since Google officially states that loading speed is a ranking factor.
  • Decreases cost of Google Ads, since loading speed is part of the algorithm that calculates Cost per Click (CPC).

See more at How to measure your website's speed.

Secure SSL and HTTP/2 for all of your websites

With the following plans you can host unlimited websites and each one of them receives free SSL and HTTP/2, which makes them load faster and make users feel more confident to use contact forms and share their personal data.

PHP7 and PHP-FPM for up to 5 times faster server response time

Now you can have the setup that only big companies have. All websites hosted on our NGINX plans get PHP7, PHP-FPM and tens of server tweaks that we offer to our big clients. The result is up to 5 times faster server response time compared to the cPanel plans!

2 SSD disks on Software RAID1

Every bit of data is stored on 2 SSD disks for data resilience and load speed.

Daily back and storage of 4 versions of backup

All data are backed up daily and we keep 4 versions of this backup: daily, weekly, monthly on the server with instant backup revovery and one remote for the rare case of having both disks fail simultaneously. You also get the ability to download the backup to your local computer at any time.

Resellers - Host unlimited client websites

You can host unlimited number of websites each with its own login and SSL on the NGINX plans. So, you can use these plans as a reseller in order to offer a web hosting service to your clients.


CPU Cores 1 Core 2 Cores 4 Cores 6 Cores 8 Cores
RAM Memory 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
Disk Space 50 GB 80 GB 160 GB 320 GB 640 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 2 TB 4 TB 5 TB 6 TB 7 TB
1 Gbit Network Connection          
Infinite Sites          
HTTP/2 compatible with Google Chrome          
infinite SSL with auto-renewal          
Maria DB          
Daily Backup          
Monthly Remote Backup          
Website Traffic Stats          
PHP 8 to PHP-FPM          
Redis Cache Server          
High Security          
NGINX Server          
24/7 server monitoring          
Phone support during office hours          
Price 650 € / year 1.000 € / year 1.600 € / year 2.600 € / year 3.900 € / year
2 Disks on Software RAID1 SSD SSD SSD SSD
Hard Disk Space 4 GB 10 GB 15 GB 50 GB
Monthly Traffic 100 GB 500 GB 1 TB 30 TB
1 Gbit Network Connection        
Unlimited Websites        
Unlimited SSL Certificates with automatic renewal        
MySQL Databases        
Daily Backup        
Monthly Remote Backup        
Website Stats        
PHP 7 on PHP-FPM        
Redis Cache Server        
Highly Secure        
NGINX Server        
24/7 server monitoring        
Phone support during office hours        
Price 70 € / month or
650 € / year
100 € / month or
900 € / year
120 € / month or
1.100 € / year
250 € / month or
2.300 € / year


Hard Disk Space 200 MB 400 MB 1 GB 2 GB
Monthly Traffic 10 GB 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Databases 2 5 10 20
MySQL 5        
Daily Backup        
Monthly Remote Backup        
Website Stats        
PHP 7        
Apache 2.4        
24/7 server monitoring        
Phone support during office hours        
Annual Price 80 € 100 € 150 € 300 €
*The indicated prices do not include VAT.
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