Project Manager


My relationship with computers started at a relatively young age, as at the age of 10 I started taking intensive computer courses. My love for this subject may have been great, but the truth is that I hadn't thought about continuing it professionally. The years passed, and finally, in the 2nd place of my computer for the National exams was found; the "Department of Informatics and Telecommunications" of the Kapodistrian University of Athens. And so, this first love that I had developed for the world of information technology was transformed into something much more intense and conscious.

But the journey does not end there. While still a student, I participated in Codearena 2016 at Netstudio, and after 1 month of hard work, I managed to become a member of a growing family. Already familiar with HTML, CSS, and PHP, by joining the company, I was able not only to improve my existing knowledge but also to add other new ones, such as jQuery and Drupal.

But my journey does not end here either. The experiences I have gained through Netstudio, as well as the skills I am gradually developing, have made me anticipate more and more expectations for the future. And what I'm thinking is that finally, the journey has just begun.