4 new Drupal Developers joined our team


Code Arena 6, our procedure to train, evaluate and hire new programmers, has just completed.

21 candidates took part in this Code Arena, 8 of them completed all the training steps and we chose 4 to work with us.

The procedure was hard, as it called for focus, reading and continuous work for one month.

All the participants took advantage of Code Arena, but 4 of them took a job as full-time web developers under the guidance of the more experienced web developers of our team.

Now we are 18 and all of us are experts in Drupal and PHP. Also, we are proud to have 3 girls among us!

John, George, Voula, Niko we wish you good luck!

*The picture was taken on the last day of the training.


By Yannis

CEO & Founder

Published on 01 Oct 2018

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