5+1 tip for Facebook Ads

facebook ads

Facebook a social media that helps us promote our services and products.

It is clear that all of us want to use the best way to promote our business and increase our revenue!

There are some tips, so let's move on...


We have a very smart ad creative but if we don't approach the correct audience, our campaign will fail. It is critical to find the correct target group and our potential customers!


It is difficult for a user to buy the first time he sees our ad or visits our site. It is even harder if the competition is hard. Our potential customers do market research to find the best deal.

These users may forget our website because they see a lot of.

Using remarketing, we can retarget users that have visited our site and it is more likely these users buy from our website!

3. CTA

CTA (Call To Action) in a Facebook ad is its title! The image or video that we use helps of course but CTA will lead user clicks on our ad.

What to include in a CTA;

  • An action word.
  • Focus on the benefit a user will have.
  • Be short.
  • Be specific.

...and don't forget the power of the word "Free"!


Mobile users are the majority of Facebook users. 90%of the users are using mobile phones so they will see our ads from a smaller screen. Try to optimize your ads for mobile devices!


We are ready to start our campaigns. Do we miss something?

Have we installed Facebook Pixel on our site?

If not, we may see our ads perform well but we cannot optimize them as we don't know which audience, for example, works better.

We must be 100% sure that the pixel is up and running!


If we have many products or services we should try dynamic remarketing!

It helps us remind our visitors of the products they have looked for. We can have targeted ads and a visitor is more likely to choose our products.


By Alexandra

Web Analyst

Published on 11 Sep 2017

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