How to beat Google with product descriptions

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Does your site appear on the first page of Google search results? Is there anything you can do before you address someone who is an expert on SEO? The answer is yes! You can make your products' and services' description more appealing for Google.

Products' and services' descriptions are critical about Google organic results ranking, Google Ads effectiveness and how many users will choose your site for their orders (Conversion Rate)

Descriptions and Google organic results

Google updates the algorithm so as qualitative sites have a better ranking. It takes into consideration dozens of factors but one of the most critical is site content.

Search for keywords that users use at Google Ads Keyword Planner. Learn how they are looking for your products or services and write 2-3 paragraphs for each one. You will see that in a few weeks, your site will be ranked higher.

Descriptions and Google Ads

CPC is affected by the relevance of the keyword, ad creative and landing page. Google can understand this relevance by the landing page content.

Moreover, you can use Dynamic Search campaigns at Google Ads. In these campaigns, Google analyzes the content of your site in order to create automated ads when a customer searches for one of your products or services..

Descripions and Conversion Rate

According to researches, a description that catches users attention is one of the major factors that make a user buy.

Users search a lot before they convert. Most of the times they choose an e-commerce store or a lead generation site that looks more reliable.

3 Tips for descriptions that bring conversions

1. Be sentimental

We usually use emotional words when we create an ad. This is because we want to "talk to the user's heart". Try to avoid common words and use nice words instead.

2. Make user part of the description

Another technique is to talk to the user through the description. It is like a call-to-action which helps the conversions.

Try descriptions like "Be pretty with this new product..." instead of "New product..."

3. Tell a story

Create a little story that will make the user understand why he/she chose your product. A good idea is to describe the feelings that the user will have after buying your product.


The goal is to have more conversions by making services' and products' descriptions more appealing. Google rewards sites with a proper product description. Help Google by writing descriptions that "sell".

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By Dimitris

Digital Marketing Expert

Published on 12 Apr 2019

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