Code Arena 2015

Code Arena 2015

Win your career at NETSTUDIO

  • 20 Participants
  • 15-hours free training from the best Greek programmers, to all the participants at our headquarters (including free coffee and lunch)
  • Training Certification for all the participants
  • Netstudio Certified Developer Certification to everyone that will score more than 90% in the final test
  • The best will be hired at Netstudio. Good salary and benefits and salary.

What is CODE ARENA 2015

Netstudio, is an e-commerce agency since 2005. We organize CODE ARENA 2015. This event addresses candidates that are seeking a job in Web Development. No experience or skills are required. We just need a passion for knowledge and love for technology.

Netstudio will choose and train 20 candidates in a 15-hours free training process. The days that the training will take place are 05/25, 05/30 and 06/06. During these weeks, participants must study, complete homework and pass online tests.

See the schedule and enrollhere!


By Yannis

CEO & Founder

Published on 18 May 2015

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