Google Ads in Villa at Porto Cheli recouping during the first week

Villa Irini Website

In Greece there are many small hotels and villas owners that want to increase the bookings. This is a really tough job. The famous platforms are effective but the commission is high. A way to get more bookings is to promote the company in Google and Facebook.

This method is not always profitable. The CPC can be over 2€ so there is no room for errors.

We took on the optimization and promotion of Villa Irini. Before the promotion, we rebuilt the site so it can have a higher conversion rate. We took new photos and assigned a new booking system with a stronger CTA. The result was that the site managed to recoup during the first week. From now on we have only profit.

Our customer said: “It is cost-effective. The amount for the commission would be much more than the ads spent!”.


By Dimitris

Digital Marketing Expert

Published on 03 Dec 2019

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