Comment from a non-customer!

It's an honor to get emails like this, from Aristotelis Mandalis, who is not our customer! They give us wings to continue doing our best. Thank you, Aristotelis!
Good Evening Yannis,
First of all, I would like to forgive my boldness, but I have been following you and Netstudio for years. Watching your videos and reading your blog I think that I know you and I am a friend of yours

Our fist approach was in 2011 when I started designing my first website. Unfortunately, I made all the mistakes you mention in your video. I was trying to save money, but I wasted my money. I don't want to recall all the problems that I faced.

I want to say that our acquaintanceship and what I have learned from you, was the first touch with digital marketing and this helped me to learn more about digital marketing and to understand the human reaction in online business. the value of a service and customer experience

This knowledge, along with many difficulties, protected me from future mistakes. Even more, it helped me at my day job. I want to thank you. I think that the free-of-charge info you offer is really important

I decided to send you this email to thank you. I know that you will read this message.

Warm Regards,


I am already planning my next project. I will contact you for a quote and for your precisous point of view.


You can publish this email. If someone reads it and learns from my mistakes, it will be perfect.


By Yannis

CEO & Founder

Published on 30 Nov 2016

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