MyMarket e-commerce store in Drupal 8 by Netstudio team


MyMarket e-commerce store is live since yesterday. It took almost one year of developing!

The new site is based on Drupal 8 and Commerce 2. These were the base where we developed dozen of features, like:

  • FindasticTM, Netstudio smart searh system that shows results at once and works by searchng mispelled, synonims, etc, along with voice search.
  • Netstudio Promotion to create and show different promotion types.
  • Netstudio Dashboard to check quick and easy the site "health".
  • Different products and availability depending on user's postal code.
  • Timeslots to choose delivery time and day.
  • Shop lists.
  • Recipes feature.
  • Multiple connections to MyMarket systems.
  • Dozen of less important features to improve users and administrators experience.

We are proud that such a complex project was completed in time and that despite its difficulties Drupal 8 allowed us to make it really quick.

We should thank MyMarket team that chose and trusted us in such a demanding project. Wishing all the best!


By Yannis

CEO & Founder

Published on 10 Oct 2018

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